Kriya Yogananda Spiritual Prints

Kriya Yogananda Spiritual Prints

Kriya - Cosmic Breath - Amma Sprititual Poster
Kriya means ‘to do’ in Sanskrit. In metaphysics it is to ‘do’ a specific spiritual exercise. This usually involves the breath and the chakras, raising the human consciousness up the spine and through the spiritual eye in the forehead.

The result is samadhi (cosmic consciousness). The painting here attempts to represent that flow of energy and give the viewer a ‘feel’ for this type of thinking and ‘doing’.

I invite you to my main site where I explore a variety of spiritual subjects. There I offer not only original paintings, but also very high quality (but reasonably priced) prints on the finest archival rag stock available.

Peace and Love to you all, Huntington Barclay
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Peace and Joy, Huntington Barclay

My Message

Life’s Journey……leads every seeker of truth past many sharp rocks of intellect, through storms of roiling karma and, finally, holding fast to the golden key of surrender, up through the portal of realization. It is from my glimpses of the radiant joy within that I offer these blossoms of my art.